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Rapier, hair and lace

Here you will find the necessary weapons to kill the brave bull.

         The rapier is the lethal weapon for the bull, a top quality killing sword. Handmade and fire with hardened steel hammer, finally sharpened with stone.

         The rapier is used in the supreme luck, it depends on it to a large extent to obtain trophies. The rapier can be smooth or with channels. The channels serve to facilitate the entry of air and thus accelerate the death of the animal.

         The descabello or rapier of crosshead, is made in the same way as the rapier, with tempered steel and handmade. It is used when it has already entered to kill the animal but it does not end up falling on the sand.

         The lace is made of wood and tempered steel, always handmade. It is the knife that serves to finish off the animal once it has already fallen on the sand and serves to accelerate death.

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    Estoque de torero


    Estoque para matar toros, espada para matar toros.

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    Estoque de novillero


    Estoque para matar novillos, espada para matar novillos.

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    Estoque de cruceta o descabello


    Estoque para descabellar toros. 

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    Puntilla de torero


    Puntilla de torero, puntilla para matar toros.

  • Puntilla de toreros.
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