Montera, castañeta, castoreño and cordobés hat

La montera is the "hat" worn by the bullfighter and his subordinates. It is black, round with two protruding pieces on the sides. The bullfighter saw her during the paseíllo and in the first two thirds of the task, luck of rods and flags, moment in which the bull is discovered and offered with her. T

he castoreño is the chopper's hat. Made of beaver skin and adorned with an interlocking cord tassel.

The bullfighter or pigtail castanet, made with cordon or simulated hair. At present they are also made of morel and natural hair.

The Cordoba or wide-brimmed hat made of wool or rabbit fur. Typical Spanish hat that is worn during the run on special occasions, such as charity runs or for the horse rider. It is also attire during fairs and parties in some regions.

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